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Belize Mission Trip Report

Report of our work in Belize June 18 - 25 2005. 


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Please pray regularly for our 2006 team!


 Please pray for the members of our 2005 Belize Mission Team.

Carl Edwards Adams
Sarah Elizabeth Burgess
Lindsey Erin Byrd
Brandi Deanna Cashen
Diane Ottinger Cashen
David Wayne Cooper
Austin Kyle Davis
James Carl Davis
Perry Robert Davis, Jr
Kimberly Gretchen Foli
Richard Alan Hall
Jack L. Holt
Angela Harrison Jones
Lawrence Edward Jones
Sharon Ann Kesterson
Autumn Page Land
Clint Hamilton Moody
Kathy Diane Moody
Tracy Mullins
Kristen Diana Rogers
John Dean Rogers
Carolyn Jane Rothe
Robert Woodrow Sapp



  Where in the world is Belize?

 Map of Belize


 May 2005

Our team packs supplies

 The team packs our supplies

Backpacks for Belize!

Angie Jones stands with the Backpacks for Belize

On June 12th, 2005 we will have our final meeting and the team is excited about their ministry in Las Flores and Roaring Creek the week of June 18-25.
Please pray for our team as they leave Concord June 18, 2005 at 5:30 A.M. to travel to Belize.  Pray for the ones who were called to stay behind and support our team through their prayers.  Pray how God would have you become involved in sharing His message with all the peoples of the world.  Don't forget to check this page every day while we are gone for a daily update.  Check back here later to read a report on how God showed His great love at the exact right moment! 

June 12, 2005

The team is commissioned

The Team is commissioned

June 18, 2005

Good morning everyone!  Happy Father's Day!  We are about our Father's business today and are presenting ourselves as an offering to Him.

It is a beautiful Lord's Day in Belize!

We are sorry we did not make a report last night, but we got here around 4:30 local time (6:30 Mohawk time) and unpacked.  We then went to Aloha to eat.  It was wonderful.

Nine of our totes are still in Houston.  We are working with the airline to get them here (hopefully today).

This morning we are going to Sunday School at Faith Baptist Church and then to the zoo this afternoon.  Tonight we will worship at Faith Baptist Church where several of us will preach.

Sorry for no pictures today.  I forgot to bring the camera to the mission house.  We will send some tonight.

Tomorrow we will begin our work in earnest.  Please pray for us!

It is hot, but bearable.

Thank you for your prayers.  We will report again tonight.

June 19, 2005

  Good evening everyone!

We had a wonderful Lord's Day in Belize!  The team went to Sunday School at Faith Baptist Church.  Pastor Larry taught the adult class from Hebrews 1:7-12.  Some of the other team members also worked with the other classes.  After Sunday School we had a wonderful lunch and then went to the Belize zoo.  The Belize zoo is a wonderful zoo in which the animals are placed in their natural environment and all of the animals are native to Belize.  God has placed some wonderful creatures in this wonderful place!  The zoo keeper took a 7 foot Boa Constricter from her cage and allowed our team to handle it.  After a few moments, the snake decided it had had enough and bit Clint.  The wound was not serious, but caused quite a bit of excitement.

This evening we worshiped with our Belizean brothers and sisters at Faith Baptist Church.  Perry, David, and Doc led us in singing and we had a wonderful time of fellowship.  Yvette (the lady we are building the house for) and Damaris (a Guatemalean girl) also sang for us.

Perry, John, and Larry preached and we had a wonderful time in God's perfect Word.  One man came forward during the invitation asking us to pray for his strength.  Please pray for this dear brother.

Our totes finally arrived and we are ready to get to work tomorrow.  Please pray for your team as we begin work.

We will update you tomorrow night!

June 20, 2005

Good evening everyone,

We have had a wonderful and productive day!  ALL the walls of the house are up.  We are awaiting lumber to construct the trusses which we should have by lunch tomorrow.  The team will begin putting the siding on the house while they are waiting for the lumber.

We were able to get a van for the other half of the team and they have been busy as well.  We purchased 1,700 pounds of rice and 900 pounds of beans.  We were also able to purchase 165 pounds of powdered milk thanks to a donation from a couple in Lawrenceville, GA.  We have processed all the beans and rice into bags and are ready to start handing out the food which will do tomorrow.

It has been a cool day in Belize.  It rained last night and part of the morning.  It is raining right now, and it is very cool for this time of year in Belize.

Part of the team passed out sponsored childrens gifts and also passed out some of the Backpacks for Belize.

June 21, 2005

Good evening everyone,

We had a wonderful day in Belize!  It rained last night, but was clear all day.  It was very hot today!

The construction team got all the walls (interior and exterior) up.  All of the siding is installed.  Five of seven trusses have been built and are up on the roof ready to be installed tomorrow.

We also went to see the Ministry of Finance to talk about how used computers from the states can be brought into Belize.  Mrs. Betty Ann Jones was very helpful and told us how to accomplish what God has laid on our hearts.

The team also went to the Western Regional Hospital where the ladies went into the obstetrics ward to pray with the new mothers.  We gave the hospital 100 pounds of rice.

We went to King's Children Home and played with the children for a while and donated 200 pounds of rice and 55 pounds of powdered milk (we mentioned purchasing the milk yesterday).

We went to another orphanage and school and gave them 200 pounds of rice and 55 pounds of powdered milk.  Tracy and John will be preaching at this school tomorrow.  Please pray for them, that there would be a full harvest of souls!

We went to Marla's House of Hope which is an orphanage for abused children and gave them 250 pounds of rice and 55 pounds of milk.  The original orphanage burned to the ground a few months ago and they are now in a small home in San Martin right across from the school.  The conditions were heart wrenching.  Please pray for these precious children.

We also went to Mayamopan and gave out beans and rice and candy.  God led us to a precious family with a very sick baby.  The baby is lethargic and fussy.  Her feet are beginning to curl under and she is very dehydrated.  We laid hands on her and prayed for her and her family.  Tracy donated a can of powered Gatorade so we went to town and purchased a bottle and some Pedialyte and returned to the family and gave them the supplies and instructions on how to use them.  Please pray for this precious baby.  The mother just gave birth to another child day before yesterday and is already back on her feet.

We closed the day by going to the city dump and distributing food to the people looking for food in the dump.  We then went to Las Flores and gave some food away, but spent most of our time renewing relationships with the precious children we have met on previous trips.  Please pray for all these precious children and about sponsoring a child so they can go to school.

As you can see, we had a very full, but rewarding day.  please pray for our continued strength and for our continued sensitivity to the leadership of God through His Holy Spirit.

We will update you again tomorrow.


The sick baby and her grandmother . . . please pray for this family!

June 22, 2005

 Good evening everyone,

We had a very productive, but hot, day in Belize.  We got the house completely under roof!  Tomorrow we will install the beaverboard and electricity.

We started picking up bicycles today and will begin distributing them tomorrow.  We distributed food in Roaring Creek, Arizona, Tea Kettle Village, Rivera, and Ontario Village.  We met many wonderful people and were able to share God's love with them.

We had church tonight!  Perry, John, Junior, and Larry preached.  Perry, David, and Doc played and sang.  It was a wonderful and moving service!

We were able to secure sponsors for many children today.

We are very tired, but looking forward to finishing the work God has given to us and blessed us with.

We will update you again tomorrow night.


June 23, 2005

 Good evening everyone,

We had a rainy day in Belize.  It rained on and off all day, but it was a welcome respite from the heat.

The house crew wired the house and put up beaverboard on the walls.  The house looks wonderful!  Our house crew has put a lot of work into this house.

We also passed out more beans and rice in Las Flores and Armenia.  Bicycles were also passed out.

God had a divine appointment for us this afternoon with a family on the southern end of Armenia.  He brought us into contact with a lady who always comes to the mission house to sell things she makes.

It has been a good day and a hard week.  We are looking forward to a day off tomorrow.


June 24, 2005

The team took a day off today.  Most of the team went to Belize City and took a boat to Goff's Caye and went snorkeling.  They had a wonderful time.

Six of our team went to Xuantunich (Soon-on-too-niche) which is a Mayan ruin.  We then went to Guatemala and went shopping.

The team gathered at the building site tonight and presented the keys to the house to the proud new owner.  We then encircled the house and prayed asking God's blessing on this new home and the family it will house.

We all had a wonderful time.  We have so much to share with you all.  We look forward to coming to your churches and sharing the story of God's love with you all.

We have to leave Roaring Creek at 10:00 A.M. tomorrow to catch our flight.  We will see you tomorrow!

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We all saw God move in a mighty way every day of our trip!  If you would like to have team members speak in your church, please send email to and we will schedule a Wednesday night service when we can come.  Continue to pray for the people of Roaring Creek and Las Flores and for the people God will send in 2006 to show His love to them.


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